With over 10 years experience of manufacturing industrial wire cloth, Mahaveera Industries have supplied woven wire into an almost every industries and applications. We offer the full range of specifications from 6" aperture down to 1 micron nominal aperture. Wire cloth can offer wide ranging characteristics dependent on the configuration of wire thickness in relation to aperture size, as well as type of weave, and can vary in texture from being as fine, soft and flexible as silk to being as rigid as steel plate. Many of the properties of wire cloth are not available using alternative metal media.

In addition to applications in filtration and separation equipment, woven wirecloth is widely used for reinforcement and strengthening, ventilation screening, radio and microwave screening, screen printing, transportation belts, speaker grills, plastic extrusion, optical lens manufacture, catalysts, precious metal recovery, flame, heat and light diffusion, vacuum forming, spark protection, security screens, battery manufacture and many many more

Our inventory includes a wide variety of this product, from 1" mesh to 500 mesh, including most standard market grades.Square Mesh Wire Cloth Specifications Please Click on the mesh for more details

Type Of Weave

Each warp wire passes over and under the successive rows of weft wires and vice versa ensuring the maximum of weaving stability and most accurate mesh openings between 2.8 mm and 0.048 mm. Tolerances as well to ISO 9044.

Type of weave is similar to plain woven fabric. However, the thicker warp are located at a wider distance from each other unlike the thinner weft wires which lie closer to each other. Mainly used for filters, suction apparatus, centrifuges and similar systems of separation.

The thread position changes at every second, third or fourth crossing of wire giving a reduced stability. This type of weave allows a thicker wire and is consequently well suitable for heavy meshes. Available upto approx. 0.025 mm aperture.

( Cordury cloth ) a combination of the dutch weave and the twill weave, which enables twice as much weft wires to be placed into the same area than with a plain dutch weave, by which a light-proof mesh vertical to the surface is obtained.

A very robust weave with a very fine passage down to 2 microns nominal, therefore it is above all used for finest filtration even under highest pressure.

The name that guarantees excellence in wire mesh cloth, modern technology and exacting standards for quality assurance and reliability.

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